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5Dimes Review, What You Should Know About Their Bonuses

I’ve noticed a heck ton of Reddit threads about 5Dimes recently, with some accusing it of being a scam, others having a pop at the owner for being a fraud, and still others just generally being super hostile towards it, claiming it’s only popular because U.S. sports bettors aren’t exactly spoiled for choice.
So anyhow with all that in mind, I decided to clear a few things up for y’all with a 5Dimes review.
A bit about me: I’ve been sports betting for a number of years now and have been using 5Dimes for a few months. I started using them for the 2019 Super Bowl when a buddy and me decided on a whim to back the Patriots. I’ve made a fair amount of cash (although I only bet for fun).
Anyway, without further ado, here’s my 5Dimes review:
Pros of 5Dimes:
Legal in the U.S.
Super low line prices (the lowest I’ve seen, at least)
Bitcoin available
Contrary to popular belief, winning players do NOT get banned. I’ve made a clean profit of $5000 since I started using 5Dimes and have had no account restrictions, delayed withdrawals or nothing
Live dealer casino available
5dimes payout is good
Cons of 5Dimes:
Ugly interface
Bonuses are trash
Mobile client is average and laggy
Grand Poker available but the traffic is too low to make it enjoyable
General questions about 5Dimes answered:
Is 5Dimes safe?
Yes. In fact, the customer support is really good as well. 5/5
Is 5Dimes legit?
Absolutely. Don’t believe it when you see folk trashing it. This is a 100% legit site
How long does a 5dimes withdrawal take to process?
Depends on your method. Bank transfer can take a long time (a week, perhaps), but Bitcoin should take just 24 hours. An initial authorisation process is required but this is standard practice.
Verdict on 5Dimes
I like it. Never had a problem in the time I’ve been using it … but I would also say that it looks old asf. The interface needs to change to bring it in line with modern sports bookmakers. The bonuses are crap too. But if you’re looking for a decent US sportsbook that offers a variety of markets on American sports, you can’t really go wrong here.
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Nitrogen BTC--> USD Chrome Plugin

I remember reading on here somewhere that there was a chrome plugin for Nitrogen that converted all BTC bets to USD online. Anyone have access to this plugin? I've tried searching, but couldn't find anything. Thanks!
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What's the best site to use if you live in the United States?

What's up my fellow degens! So I have a basic question; What's the best site to use if you live in the United States?
Right now I have a bookie, he writes my action down on paper, and we meet up once a week for cash payouts. Totally offline. But through his service, I've been missing out on other action that is offered by most books (futures, live bets, etc.) I've been wanting to open an account online somewhere so that I could get in on some of that action. I always see Nitro, Bovada, Bet365, and more mentioned through the redditsphere, but I don't know which site would be best for stateside use.
I guess what I'm most concerned about is: - Payouts - (which site is most hassle-free when it comes to withdrawing in the states) - Legality - (I'm not trying to break the laws, I know if I do end up winning a ton, that I need to file it on my taxes, but not sure if there's any other legal concerns before I get started) - Odds - (which sites offers the best odds)
So if you have any advice or insight through your own experience I'd love to hear it, hoping to get online somewhere soon!
Thanks & BOL
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How To Place Bets In 5Dimes, Bet365 and Pinnacle I Tried Day Trading Bitcoin for a Week  Beginner Crypto ... How to Use a Bitcoin ATM - YouTube WWE Payback 2014 Betting Odds (5Dimes Sportsbook) 5Dimes Top Sportsbook Review

Given the BTC price volatility, the currency exchange rate at the time of crediting your account could vary from the one you used as reference when executing the transaction. Due to this reason, 5Dimes cannot be held responsible for differences in deposit amounts credited. Wagering is not available in the Bitcoin currency. All BTC transactions are converted to USD when credited to your sports ... 5Dimes Bitcoin 5 dimes claims to be sending a email to verify so I can cash out to bit coin. There saying their sending the email. its complete lie . I talked with my email provider they said it ... Bitcoin Future at 5Dimes Mobile Casino and Online Gaming in General ... As the price of Bitcoin hovers around the record highs that it experienced in 2017, you can expect more gambling-related trading. You can use it for all the games in the casino - from Table Games, to Video Poker, slots and even the elusive Specialty Games section. If you require more details specifically on Bitcoin usage ... 5dimes bitcoin payout stalling tactics; Go. Advanced Search; View New Posts. 1 2 3. Jump to page: Thread Tools. Subscribe to this Thread… 04-21-18 11:40 PM #36. jbayko. MySBRForum ; jbayko Find ... You’ll save anywhere from 1-9% on the standard price given by almost every other sportsbook. That adds up to thousands saved per year for regular bettors. There’s a reason that 5Dimes is the go-to sports book for sharps and anyone who takes sports betting seriously. It’s ugly and a little confusing, but 5Dimes is the cheapest and most reliable USA-facing sportsbook online. They also don ...

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How To Place Bets In 5Dimes, Bet365 and Pinnacle

One super convenient way to purchase bitcoin is with a bitcoin ATM. Here is a step-by-step guide! Note: Regulations differ for ATMs depending on where you're... 5Dimes is one of our top sportsbook picks and its been around since we we teenagers. Trustworthy, tried, and true, check out our opinions on 5Dimes and what it has to offer its players. Benefits ... How to Buy & Sell Bitcoin with Cash App Get Cash App: (Use this link and we both get $5 free cash) Cash App by Square is a top app... WWE Payback 2014 betting odds available from 5Dimes. Prices correct as of 10:40pm BST 29th May. 5Dimes Review - Share your videos with friends, family, and the world