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[Weekly Report] BSV UK Conference-Community Integration Accelerator

[Weekly Report] BSV UK Conference-Community Integration Accelerator
On February 20-21, the "BSV UK Conference" was held in London. Jeff , the promoter of the LivesOne community, was invited to attend the conference and gave an important speech on his ideas at the conference.
BSV future can be expected
It took a year for the BSV to implement and bring bitcoin into Genesis.The Genesis protocol upgrade activates key protocol changes, including removing the default block size limit. Genesis has increased the carrying capacity of the Bitcoin network for transactions. BSV next goal is Teranode. Teranode will significantly bring a large number of enterprise users to the BSV ecosystem.
At this conference, Dr. Craig S. Wright introduced the Bitcoin layered network. He divided it into three layers, the first layer is miners, the second layer is service providers, and the third layer and above are related to users. He introduced the concept of a community, which could be based on service-level agreements or MAN (metropolitan area network), which will be managed through miner ID and electronic certificate. He also mentioned the working principles of SPV and smart contract topology networks, and guided the developers of blockchain applications in the BSV ecosystem.
At the same time, Dr. Craig S. Wright also explained "The Correct Understanding of Bitcoin" as follows.
  1. Electronic signatures cannot be anonymous; they require identifying information. The signatories need to know each other's identities, which may not be disclosed to the public.
  2. A trusted third party is an intermediary who provides intermediary services to stop money laundering and fraud. A trusted third party is not only an intermediary, but also a legal one. For example,banks are trusted third parties in modern society,provided that relevant information must be disclosed.
  3. Peer-to-Peer means that individual gets along with other individual. Bitcoin should not be used for poisonous transactions.
  4. Bitcoin is not only a micro payment. Bitcoin can implement more complex functions through scripts. The small payment service fee of the existing business model is too expensive.
  5. Decentralization is the biggest lie in the field of cryptography. Decentralization should be the decentralization of rights. Code is the law is stupid. Bitcoin does not represent anarchism. Bitcoin is not politicized.
George Gilder, a famous economist and futurist, believes that Internet Security and global currency are the double scandals of the Internet, while Bitcoin BSV is the cure for them. This makes users more confident in BSV.

The cooperation between LivesOne and BSV is in progress
During the conference, dozens of technology and business leaders delivered speeches that made people feel the infinite potential of Bitcoin and blockchain.Jeff also delivered an important speech in the morning of February 21. As an excellent product manager, he is experienced and innovative. He continues to be optimistic about the direction of the blockchain, saying that the LivesOne team will remain firmly focused on the development of blockchain products and build a new Internet service with new rules on the blockchain to optimize the user experience.
Jeff believes that the development direction of BSV is correct, and Bitcoin will probably make the Internet a part of it in the future.
During this trip to the UK, LivesOne and BSV continued to deepen their cooperation and reached consensus in many fields and product forms.In addition, the main advocates of the two communities also had in-depth discussions on each other's development concepts. Liveone's product concept was generally accepted by members of the BSV community, and they expressed their willingness to join the LivesOne community to promote the common development of BSV and LivesOne.On the support of BSV community members, "million BSV exchange event " aunched by LivesOne is an accelerator for members of both communities to exchange tokens and promote community integration.
It is learned that as of 00:00 on March 1st, more than ten thousand friends have participated in the exchange event. The exchange event is still in full swing and it is expected to end on March 5. Don't miss time if you are interested.
We look forward to deepening cooperation in the future.
Symbiosism Economy Foundation
Mar4, 2020
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